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They have been running well and the compaction far exceeds the 3:1 ratio we have on some of our other compactors on campus!

Eric E., Seattle University Facilities

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With a Sanitech 15hp just installed, Bix is happy to already be seeing benefits! “The auger system is the same size as the traditional compactors, it does however shred up the cardboard much better. We were told that we could get 3 times as much cardboard in 1 haul. We were averaging 2.5-3 tons per haul before and are now getting 8-9 tons per haul. Before the auger, our haul fee basically equaled our monies earned from the recycling of cardboard. Getting 3 times as much cardboard in one haul allowed us to bank money from the recycling. Through our first month we are seeing this proof. We have seen an average of $1700.00 in savings on the cost of our waste each week since the Auger was installed.”

Troy Wilcox, Operations Manager, Bix Produce Co.

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The Compact Auger System we purchased through Sani-Tech recently replaced a 20 plus year old system (which was a Sani-Tech System as well); 20 years, it served us great and we are happy to have purchased a new unit from Sani-Tech!  Thank you for the service and installation.

-Jeff Estes, Facilities Operations Supervisor, Emerald Heights

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I was sold on the Auger Compactor system from the first time Sani-Tech installed one over 15 years ago in the Dietary Department at the hospital replacing an old hydraulic ram compactor. I had to call less often to have it dumped being a Stationary Compactor and enclosing it eliminated any pest and bird issues we had while significantly reducing odor and leakage

The last two Sani-Tech Auger Compactors we had installed were in a basement with height restraints. Sani-Tech built platforms reducing the angle necessary to load the Container. We have a total of 7 Auger Compactors in operation at this time. I recommend them highly.

Lou Dicosol,
Environmental Services
Seattle Children’s Hospital

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Our Auger Compactor works well and has a 6 yard bin attached. The bin has wheels and probably gets emptied about 2 days a week. We do generate more in the summer and less in the winter. Our Compactor was installed about 15 years ago and is currently in storage while we work on our new Seawall project.

-Bob Kiel, Seattle Aquarium

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Sportsman’s Guide started looking at solutions to reduce expense on waste in 2015. During discussions with waste management vendors we learned about an auger for all types of waste streams. After numerous site visits with multiple vendors we made the decision to replace our existing compactor with an auger. The installation was seamless and smooth and was completed in one day and it was very apparent on the first haul we would see savings. A year later we have went from daily hauls to one or two a week. We have significantly reduced expense and increased capacity along with throughput. The auger has been a great addition to our high volume of cardboard that is recycled at SG on a daily basis. We would like to thank Sani-Tech for supplying the auger and DMH for the seamless install!

-Nate Merrell, Facilities Manager, Sportsman’s Guide

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"By switching to the Auger Compactor by Sanitech, we were able to reduce the number of pickups for our 40-yard container from 2 to 3 times a week to only 1, this cut our waste removal cost in half instantly.

It does this by brute force; this machine is a beast, compacting every square inch of the container.  It’s perfect for the low density materials we convert, as it shreds everything before it enters the container and getting the air out of these materials is the key to compacting it.

It’s amazing that the Auger Compactor is able to exert twice the force and torque at half the power compared to a traditional compactor, and without any hydraulics to maintain or to leak fluid all over the ground.

One of my favorite features of the machine is that the auger is always moving forward and forcing material into the container. This prevents material from springing back out of the mouth of the compactor, and eliminates wasted time the operator would spend running our old ram style compactor through several cycles before the material would stay in the container.

Overall this is one of my favorite machines; it’s clean, efficient, environmentally friendly, practically maintenance free, and extremely powerful. If your company is “Going Green” or just looking to save money, I would start with auger compactor from Sanitech."

Matthew Hanline
New Business Development, Environmental Manager
Mueller Die Cut Solutions

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We have two Auger Compactors, one of which was purchased about seven years ago. Because of the way we were setup, we had trash dumpsters being filled with manure and the guys running trash in sanitation found the auger compactors to be more efficient for handling the consistency of manure. 
It’s saved us $60,000 per year in maintenance having the Auger Compactors

Joel Bacon
College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Georgia

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We are extremely happy with our Sani-Tech Auger Style Compactors. I have 5 of them now and they are definitely a superior product for these heavy material generators. We do also have countless hydraulic compactors from a number of manufactures, so it is real easy for me to track performance indicators. I'm not sure how big your facility is but I would have to say these Augers are the only way to go!

The unit with consistently high volumes and weights comes from a hospital complex we have. It's a series of 13 buildings (over 4.25 million square feet) all funneling down to a compactor room where we have a cardboard compactor and a trash compactor. The cardboard Auger receives 4.5 tons of cardboard per week.

The trash Auger receives about 700 pounds an hour. Day after day, year after year, this unit moves approximately 8 tons per day. We have yet to lose a day of service! With the automatic greasing unit on these unit's they are bullet proof. As far as spillage, if your hauler understands how to use this unit when he removes the receiver box, you shouldn't have any issues.

Prior to these Augers, the U had purchased numerous hydraulic compactors, all claiming to be the best but not being good enough.  Prior to hydraulic compactors, we had rear load garbage trucks with an external electric engine that sat on this floor. We would drive empty garbage trucks to this location, back them inside and plug them in to the electric engines. The hospital custodians would then operate the working side of the garbage truck until it was full. We had 4 dedicated trucks in the fleet for this method.

Waste Recovery Services
University of Minnesota

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The County was previously loading and packing the waste as much as possible into open 40 yd. roll-off containers using a large skid-steer loader and getting at best 3 ½ to 4 tons into each container.  The Sani-Tech compactor container weight has been in the range of 10 to 12 tons with this material so now our shipping weight is pushing the top end of our hauler’s maximum 15-ton load when he uses a pup trailer to tow along one of the open-tops that we still use for material we don’t want to run through the compactor such as railroad ties. 

Prior to purchasing the Sani-Tech, our best load weight was not more than 8 tons, so in our case the haul cost was cut by at least one-third and close to one-half!

Even for our rather small facility and small residential population the facility serves, we’re saving nearly $10,000 annually in shipping cost to get about 200 tons on average per year of this waste to the landfill. 

In addition, the auger does the work to compact the waste which saves a lot of fuel, time, and wear and tear on the loader and operator that was doing that work before.  A lot of small facilities in rural areas like Clearwater County operate in many ways inefficiently because the budget doesn’t allow for good equipment, but this investment was the “low-hanging fruit”, so to speak, in the list of available ways to improve our operation.

Dan Hecht, Administrator
Clearwater County Environmental Services, MN

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For every ton of recycling material that goes into it, the district saves $60 for disposal fees. We predict that it will add up to approximately 60 tons per year. The auger compactor has helped the faculty and students buy in to the idea of recycling.

-Daniel Lavine

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