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Sportsmans Guide

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Sportsman’s Guide®, a successful internet/ecommerce retailer based in South St. Paul, Minnesota, has been providing hunters and outdoor enthusiasts with quality gear and clothing at exceptional values since 1976. Growing sales and a commitment to consistently adding new products to their assortment keeps the Sportsman’s Guide warehouse buzzing with activity, creating a need for reliable, cost-effective compact recycling. The Sani-Tech Auger Compactor, Model ST1546/46, meets their needs on a daily basis, and has proven its worth by decreasing their previous daily hauls to just one or two a week!

We’re proud to provide an environmentally friendly, small footprint machine for this community conscious retailer. Sportsman’s Guide proudly supports and participates in programs benefitting those in need, and with the help of our dealer at American Services and DMH companies, we’re delighted to further their productivity with smart, efficient waste solutions.


Sportsman’s Guide started looking at solutions to reduce expense on waste in 2015. During discussions with waste management vendors we learned about an auger for all types of waste streams. After numerous site visits with multiple vendors we made the decision to replace our existing compactor with an auger. The installation was seamless and smooth and was completed in one day and it was very apparent on the first haul we would see savings. A year later we have went from daily hauls to one or two a week. We have significantly reduced expense and increased capacity along with throughput. The auger has been a great addition to our high volume of cardboard that is recycled at SG on a daily basis. We would like to thank Sani-Tech for supplying the auger and DMH for the seamless install!

-Nate Merrell, Facilities Manager, Sportsman’s Guide

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