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Benefits of Sani-Tech Auger Compactors

Sanitech Auger Compactor Benefits

Cost Saving

Auger Compactors result in Fewer Pickups, Faster Compaction, and Virtually No Maintenance saves time and money you can see at your bottom line!

Green (Environmentally Friendly)

Sani-Tech Auger compactors operate very efficiently with minimal power transmission loss through the electric drive system. No Hydraulic fluid means no EPA concerns and minimal spillage means less mess on the ground. 
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Increased Compaction Ratios

Increased Compaction = Fewer Pickups

The Auger Compactors pre-crushing ability results in some of the highest compaction ratios in the industry. The auger delivers the trash through a small nozzle breaking the material into smaller pieces prior to being compacted into the bin, resulting in much higher compaction ratios.  This translates into fewer hauls and overall savings.  On average, they outperform conventional hydraulic compactors by 3 to 4 times.

Minimized Labor Costs

Continuous Running = Faster Compaction

Auger Compactors run in a forward direction while processing, allowing them to compact up to five times faster than conventional hydraulic compactors. It also allows them to be fed continuously, so the operator does not have to wait for material to be processed before adding more, saving time and money.

Virtually NO Maintenance

Easy To Maintain = Less Down Time

The simple mechanical design of Auger Compactors combine heavy-duty construction with very few moving parts.  This makes them very reliable and trouble free machines.  Sani-Tech Compactors are equipped with an automatic lubrication system and the only maintenance needed is the periodic filling of this grease reservoir that lubricates the auger bearings.  The all-electric drive system is sealed and maintenance free.

Clean, Safe and Efficient Operation

Auger Compactors use an all-electric drive systems, which runs clean and quiet and eliminates many problems associated with hydraulic systems.  Because NO Hydraulics are used, the Machine Operator, the Public and the Environment are protected from hazardous leaks and spills which can even result in fines. The all-electric drive systems are permanently sealed to allow the compactor to run at its peak efficiency regardless of ambient temperature.

Sanitary & Secure Disposal

Smaller Bin Opening = Less Mess

When stationary Auger Compactors and their receiver bins are attached, the units are 100% sealed.  Access to compacted materials is denied because the auger penetrates nine (9) inches into the receiver bin, creating a barricade. Upon bin separation, spillage is minimized by virtue of the relatively small, round opening in the receiver bin.  This compares very favorably to the mess that is left behind by the larger, rectangular openings found on hydraulic compactors. 

Smaller Footprints

Smaller Footprint = Less Space/Larger Bin

Auger Compactors have smaller footprint compared to typical hydraulic compactors.  This allows them to be installed in smaller spaces and/or use larger receiver bins.  The smaller footprint also allows for reduced installation costs.

Increased Safety

One problem associated with conventional hydraulic compactors is jamming, which can create a very hazardous safety issue. The design of the Sani-Tech Auger Compactor is such that jamming is not an issue.  The auger can use shorter trash chutes and inherently prevents material from “springing” back into the auger chamber because it penetrates into the receiver bin and continuously runs in a forward direction creating a constant positive pressure against the waste or recyclable material.

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