Auger Style Refuse and Recycling Compactors.

Auger Compactors: Benefits & Features

Benefits of Sani-Tech Auger Compactors

Sanitech Auger Compactor Benefits

COST SAVINGS – Auger Compactors result in Fewer Pickups, Faster Compaction, and Virtually No Maintenance saves time and money you can see at your bottom line!

GREEN (Environmentally Friendly) – Sani-Tech Auger compactors operate very efficiently with minimal power transmission loss through the electric drive system. No Hydraulic fluid means no EPA concerns and minimal spillage means less mess on the ground.

Increased Compaction Ratios - The Auger Compactors pre-crushing ability results in some of the highest compaction ratios in the industry. The auger delivers the trash through a small nozzle breaking the material into smaller pieces prior to being compacted into the bin, resulting in much higher compaction ratios.  This translates into fewer hauls and overall savings.  On average, they outperform conventional hydraulic compactors by 3 to 4 times.  INCREASED COMPACTION = FEWER PICKUPS

Minimized Labor Costs - Auger Compactors run in a forward direction while processing, allowing them to compact up to five times faster than conventional hydraulic compactors. It also allows them to be fed continuously, so the operator does not have to wait for material to be processed before adding more, saving time and money.CONTINUOUS RUNNING = FASTER COMPACTION

Virtually NO Maintenance - The simple mechanical design of Auger Compactors combine heavy-duty construction with very few moving parts.  This makes them very reliable and trouble free machines.  Sani-Tech Compactors are equipped with an automatic lubrication system and the only maintenance needed is the periodic filling of this grease reservoir that lubricates the auger bearings.  The all-electric drive system is sealed and maintenance free.  EASY TO MAINTAIN = LESS DOWN TIME

Clean, Safe and Efficient Operation - Auger Compactors use an all-electric drive systems, which runs clean and quiet and eliminates many problems associated with hydraulic systems.  Because NO Hydraulics are used, the Machine Operator, the Public and the Environment are protected from hazardous leaks and spills which can even result in fines. The all-electric drive systems are permanently sealed to allow the compactor to run at its peak efficiency regardless of ambient temperature.

Sanitary & Secure Disposal – When stationary Auger Compactors and their receiver bins are attached, the units are 100% sealed.  Access to compacted materials is denied because the auger penetrates nine (9) inches into the receiver bin, creating a barricade. Upon bin separation, spillage is minimized by virtue of the relatively small, round opening in the receiver bin.  This compares very favorably to the mess that is left behind by the larger, rectangular openings found on hydraulic compactors.   SMALLER BIN OPENING = LESS MESS

Smaller Footprints – Auger Compactors have smaller footprint compared to typical hydraulic compactors.  This allows them to be installed in smaller spaces and/or use larger receiver bins.  The smaller footprint also allows for reduced installation costs.  SMALLER FOOTPRINT = LESS SPACE/LARGER BIN 

Increased Safety One problem associated with conventional hydraulic compactors is jamming, which can create a very hazardous safety issue. The design of the Sani-Tech Auger Compactor is such that jamming is not an issue.  The auger can use shorter trash chutes and inherently prevents material from “springing” back into the auger chamber because it penetrates into the receiver bin and continuously runs in a forward direction creating a constant positive pressure against the waste or recyclable material.

Standard Features of Sani-Tech Auger Compactors

All Electric Drive - Sani-Tech's Auger Compactor is all electric, eliminating hydraulic oils, contamination, environmental concerns, filters, reservoirs, line breaks, leaks and maintenance. It is powerful, quiet and will run with the same high efficiency regardless of the ambient temperature. The all electric drive system is sealed and maintenance free.

High Performance Roller Bearings – Sani-Tech’s Auger Compactor features high performance roller bearings that feature an automatic lubrication system. The only machine maintenance needed is the periodic filling of this grease reservoir. The quality of the components and the simple mechanical design ensure the long life and dependable service of all of our auger compactors.

Heavy Duty Construction – The auger is made of abrasion resistant alloy steel and features a high wear auger end plate. Sani-Tech auger compactors are constructed of high grade steel and are engineered to handle the toughest loads.

Operator Control Panel – UL Listed Control Panels with ¾ inch full lights, adjustable run (cycle) timers, keyed forward and reverse controls and mushroom button E-Stop. Sani-Tech auger compactors feature these industrial grade operator controls for ease and safety. The Start/Reverse Swich is key locked to provide added safety and security.

Small Auger Hole – The relatively small auger hole in the receiver bin is 100% sealed and liquid tight when the compactor and bin are together. This hole is small compared to the large rectangular opening needed for a hydraulic ram compactor.

Safety Interlock Switch – All of the doors and gates that Sani-Tech make come with a safety interlock switch to ensure safe operation. The door or gate must be closed prior to the machine being able to run (cycle).

Adjustable Run Time (Cycle Time) - Auger Compactors run in a continuous forward motion which means you don’t have to wait for a ram to cycle forward and back before adding more material. The time that the auger will run is adjustable to accommodate all types of waste and garbage processing. All the operator has to do is throw the material into the hopper, turn it on and walk away.

Bin Full Indicator – Sani-Tech Auger Compactors are equipped with an Indicator that will light up when the bin is full. This is an adjustable setting so that you can customize the trash compaction density for your unique waste application.

Enamel Finish – A machinery enamel finish of all components provides protection and long life of the compactor. Standard color is Sani-Tech Almond, but other common or custom colors are also available.

Optional Features of Sani-Tech Auger Compactors

Bin Gone Sensor – This sensor keeps the compactor from operating without a compaction bin attached. The bin gone sensor is most often used in applications like a thru-the-wall chute where the operator may not be able to see the bin.

Liquid Drain System – Sani-Tech offers different options to drain liquid from the trash using channels in the bin and valves. Removing excess liquid from the garbage can greatly reduce the weight (tonnage) of the trash that is hauled away and save money in disposal fees.

Fire Suppression Systems – Fire Hose Ports are built into the Roll-away compactor receiver bins to provide access to extinguish a fire in case a fire was to break out. Fires in the compactor or compaction bin are rare, but this safety feature is an essential option for that unlikely situation.

Odor Control – Sani-Tech can control odor by using ozone or treating the garbage with Deodorizer as it is processed through the auger chamber. An Ozone generating machine can be used to effectively treat the smell produced by the garbage.

Insect Control – Insecticide can be used to treat the garbage automatically as it is being processed through the auger chamber effectively preventing insect infestation.

Cart Dumpers – Cart Dumpers can be made to pickup and dump virtually any size of trash cart. Trash or Garbage carts can be located in various locations in a facility and brought to the compactor to dump and compact in a central consolidated location. Candy Cane Dumpers that raise the cart and dump are also available.

Photo Eye Automatic Start – Using a sensor to sense material in the auger chamber and run the auger compactor can provide ease and convenience. This feature is essential in applications where a conveyor feeds waste into the hopper.

Custom Hopper (Hood) Designs – Sani-Tech’s talented staff can design and engineer custom hoppers to fit virtually any application requirements that you have. We can accommodate your specific needs for feeding waste material into the compactor. Our flexibility in design and manufacturing allows us to meet your needs.

Custom Options – If your refuse processing and handling application is unique, we can provide custom out-of-the-box solutions to address your unique issue. We manufacture each machine to order and specialize in customization.

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