Sanitech Crushes It!


Jerry Kaptein started Sani-Tech Systems, Inc. in 1985 as the marketing company for the Auger Compactor Style Refuse Compactor. Manufacturing of the Auger Compactor is handled through the parent company, Jerry's Iron Works (JIW).

JIW opened its doors in 1964 as a machine and welding shop that served the local farming community in western Washington State. During the formative years JIW maintained, retrofitted, and redesigned, many types of farm equipment. The desire to find ways of improving the equipments functionality and performance led JIW to develop their own very successful line of farming equipment as a result.

During the early 1980's, JIW had the opportunity to work on several trash compactors that were owned by local businesses. JIW studied these machines in great detail and quickly discovered that there was an easier, more efficient way of processing solid waste. Their discoveries led to the development of what we know today as the Auger Compactor.

The first Auger Compactors were sold throughout Washington with great success because they quickly proved that they could outperform conventional hydraulic compactors on standard waste. As word spread, potential customers came forward seeking Auger Compactors that could handle more extreme applications. In response to this new demand, JIW developed an entire line of Auger Compactors intended to meet the needs their new, highly mixed, customer base.

By 1989, Auger Compactor success stories were being heard by compactor dealers and end-users throughout the United States. These stories sparked additional interest, the first national marketing campaign and the first sales in Texas. Soon after the Texas sales, a Michigan dealer heard of the Auger Compactor and started selling them in his territory.

In 1992 Sani-Tech Systems, Inc. went to a major industry trade show where they signed on several new Dealers. These Dealers now represent the Auger Compactor throughout most of the United States. This simple act brought compactor sales up from a mere 20 units per year in 1986 to 145 units per year in 1997.

Sani-Tech Systems has Auger Compactors ranging from the 5 HP “Space Saver” Compactor up to the 40 HP Industrial Compactor. The unique design of the Auger Compactor has made it the waste industries state-of-the-art Waste Compactor. They have proven themselves to be more efficient, more cost effective and better for the environment than a conventional hydraulic compactor.

Sani-Tech Systems, Inc. is dedicated to provide the best compactor available and the best service possible to its dealers and end users.

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