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Seattle Childrens Hospital

Project Overview

In March of 2013, Sani-Tech systems was proud to install two additional Auger Compactors to the existing five Sani-Tech Hospital Compactors currently in use by Seattle Children's Hospital. As a supplier of Hospital Compactors, we specialize in efficient all electric drive systems that will save the hospital money and eliminate the need for hydraulic cleanup.

In an effort to continue with the hospital's best practices, save money, and keep the waste streams separated, Sani-Tech Systems proposed dual compactors for the newest wing they were adding to their facility. Each Compactor was installed on custom fabricated platforms built and designed to the machine's exact dimensions.

Saving Money and Environmentally Friendly

By separating out all of their cardboard waste into a dedicated system, Seattle Children's Hospital was not only able to streamline their current recycling program, but also drastically decrease the number of hauls and hauling charges incurred for their general trash. All of which leads to a more environmentally friendly or ”Green” footprint for the hospital and a better environment for their patients. 

With the Sani-Tech systems “All Electric Drive”, Seattle Children's Hospital is able to substantially save money on compactor maintenance charges normally incurred with traditional hydraulic style compactors. Our Auger Compactor design saves money on routine maintenance costs and helps keep the systems environmental foot print cleaner by eliminating any potential toxic spills that can occur with hydraulic compactors.


I was sold on the Auger Compactor system from the first time Sani-Tech installed one over 15 years ago in the Dietary Department at the hospital replacing an old hydraulic ram compactor. I had to call less often to have it dumped being a Stationary Compactor and enclosing it eliminated any pest and bird issues we had while significantly reducing odor and leakage

The last two Sani-Tech Auger Compactors we had installed were in a basement with height restraints. Sani-Tech built platforms reducing the angle necessary to load the Container. We have a total of 7 Auger Compactors in operation at this time. I recommend them highly.

Lou Dicosol,
Environmental Services
Seattle Children’s Hospital

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