Auger Style Refuse and Recycling Compactors.

Sani-Tech Auger Compactors

Sani-Tech auger compactors pre-crush and compact in one powerful motion. While processing material, the auger continuously runs in a forward direction, crushing and reducing the size of what its is fed.

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Sani-Tech Model ST1046/36

Sani-Tech Roll-Off and Front Load Compactions Bins are designed for long life and ease of use. In addition to our standard lineup of compactor bins we can build custom build a bin to fit your business needs.

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Sani-Tech Roll-Off Compaction Bin

The Sani-Tech Auger Compactor Model ST1046/36 is designed to compact cardboard and other bulky materials generated by Hospitals, Distribution Centers, Shopping Malls and other similar applications.

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The Original Auger Compactor Manufacturer

Sani-Tech Systems has Auger Compactors ranging from the 5 HP “Space Saver” Compactor up to the 40 HP Industrial Compactor. The unique design of the Auger Compactor has made it the waste industries state-of-the-art Waste Compactor. They have proven themselves to be more efficient, more cost effective and better for the environment than a conventional hydraulic compactor.

Sani-Tech Systems, Inc. is dedicated to provide the best compactor available and the best service possible to its dealers and end users.