Auger Style Refuse and Recycling Compactors.

Sani-Tech Auger Compactors

Sani-Tech auger compactors pre-crush and compact in one powerful motion. While processing material, the auger continuously runs in a forward direction, crushing and reducing the size of what its is fed.

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Sani-Tech Model ST1046/36

Sani-Tech Roll-Off and Front Load Compactions Bins are designed for long life and ease of use. In addition to our standard lineup of compactor bins we can build custom build a bin to fit your business needs.

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Sani-Tech Roll-Off Compaction Bin

The Sani-Tech Auger Compactor Model ST1046/36 is designed to compact cardboard and other bulky materials generated by Hospitals, Distribution Centers, Shopping Malls and other similar applications.

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The Original Auger Compactor Manufacturer

Sani-Tech Systems has Auger Compactors ranging from the 5 HP “Space Saver” Compactor up to the 40 HP Industrial Compactor. The unique design of the Auger Compactor has made it the waste industries state-of-the-art Waste Compactor. They have proven themselves to be more efficient, more cost effective and better for the environment than a conventional hydraulic compactor.

Sani-Tech Systems, Inc. is dedicated to provide the best compactor available and the best service possible to its dealers and end users.  Contact today to find the right waste auger solution for your business