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Why Sani-Tech?

It's Simple - The Auger is the Answer

Why choose an Auger Compactor to handle all of your waste and recycling? It's a cost effective investment, it's better for the environment, it's the best for your employees and your company! Commercial Compactors have a small footprint and Sanitech Compactors are built custom for each business. Industrial Augers, as well as all of our products, require less maintenance than traditional hydraulic compactors. Let's take a look at the differences! 

Auger Compactors over Ram style Hydraulic Compactors

20170320 121729editedgreenBetter Compaction

Compaction ratios are used to compare and sell compactors, but buyers must beware that compaction ratios are not a perfect science and can fluctuate dramatically. Dense material (lumber, telephone books, etc.) will not compact very well compared to shredded paper or cardboard, therefore it will have a low compaction ratio regardless of the type of compactor in use.  It is a combination of the machine and material that determine the compaction ratio.  Sani-Tech Augers pre-crush the waste material, changing it's size and shape (which ram style hydraulic compactors don't do) prior to it entering the bin.  This is our design and it will always achieve a higher compaction ratio than a ram style hydraulic compactor!

All Electric Rotary Drive

Sani-Tech Auger Compactors are all electric, eliminating hydraulic oils, contamination, environmental concerns, filters, reservoirs, line breaks, leaks, and maintenance. It is powerful, quiet and will run the same regardless of the ambient temperature.


Sani-Tech's rotating Auger is always moving forward, eliminating the need to consider cycle times and charge box capacity.


Auger Compactors and attached bins (self-contained and stationary compactors) are 100% sealed.  No scavengers or people can get into the hopper or container because of the auger and nozzle that penetrates the container. Upon separation for stationary models, very little material falls out of the container by virtue of the elevated round opening of the auger nozzle.  When our Auger Compactor is compared to the large rectangular opening of the ram compactors, spillage is minimal! San Diego Bread Bin Hole Diaphragm 8991 2 edited

Efficient Operation

Material can be fed into the Auger much faster than a ram system since there is no cycle time.  Labor is reduced (on manual feed systems) since your operator does not need to wait for the Compactor to cycle and re-fill the charge box.  Sani-Tech Augers are smaller because there is no hydraulic ram pistoning back and forth.

Full Container

The ram style hydraulic compactors do little to change the size and shape of material prior to bin insertion.  This can result in the top portion of a container remaining empty and the material being packed so tight that workers must climb into the container or use pre-laid cables used to pull material out (this is a major safety hazard!).  With a Sani-Tech Auger you can avoid the situation because it pre-crushes and blends the material together during processing, our bins are consistently full and always empty without human intervention

Less Maintenance

The only routine maintenance on an Auger Compactor is main bearing lubrication.  By using the Automatic Lubricator, even this requirement is minimized.

Increased Safety

Ram style hydraulic compactors often jam from material "bouncing back" into the charge box.  This material gets wedged underneath and behind the ram, requiring a person to climb into the charge box or dismantle the ram container to remove the material. Our Auger Compactors completely eliminate this circumstance, continuously moving refuse and recycling into the bin!

Why Sani-Tech Systems, Inc.?

We are the Original Auger Compactor Manufacturer. We know why the Auger Compactor is the best route for handling all refuse and recycling. We are the only company who can provide you a completely custom, original Auger Compactor and we work with your company to ensure every detail is seen to. We started and continue to manufacture because we've seen the benefits and you can too! Our parent company, Jerry's Iron Works started manufacturing in 1964 and Jerry Kaptein, the founder, saw a problem in the waste and recycling compactors of the time. Developing the Auger Compactor was the best solution! We manufacture 100% in the U.S.A. and welcome you to our Auger style. 

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