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Bottle Buster

Bottle Buster

The Sani-Tech Systems Inc. Rotary Bottle Buster line of products are ideal for recyclers and companies who desire product destruction, liquid removal, and volume reduction.  The Rotary Bottle Buster is a unique product that can quickly and efficiently remove liquid from HDPE, PET, Aluminum Cans, damaged, off-spec product and a host of other containers. 

The Rotary Bottle Buster is preferred because of the following features:

  • Fast: The Bottle Buster will process material as fast as it can be thrown in.  It can process 200-300 HDPE containers per minute and 1600-2400 16 oz PET container per minute. 
  • Clean: The system is completely sealed to prevent liquid and material spillage.  Drain systems on the Bottle Buster are used to reclaim liquid or send it to waste.  Flushing sytems keep  screens and drain systems clear.
  • Reclaimation: When used with the Screw Conveyor, the empty material is tumbled up the conveyor, removing liquid remnants even further.  If used with a compaction container, a drain system on the container will allow any fluid to drain.
  • Versatile: The Rotary Bottle Buster can process a wide variety of containers without adjustment.  It is available in 5, 10, and 15 HP and 24" or 36" drum sizes.
  • Quiet & Dependable: All electric drive systems are simple and reliable.  No hydraulic systems, lines, leaks, filters, or reserviours to maintain.
  • Valuable: The Rotary Bottle Buster substantially reduces labor and hauling costs related to product destruction or reclaimation.
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100% Liquid Tight System, Heavy Duty Construction, Abrasion Resistant Steel Housing, All Electric Drive System, Heavy Duty Long-Life Bearings, "Almond" Machinery Enamel Finish, Easy Maintenance Design.  

Wall Chutes, Auger Compactor, Screw Conveyor, 5, 10, 15 HP Options, Custom Wiring to Conveyor Systems, Variety of Hooper Feeds Available, Custom Colors, Odor / Insect Control, Photo Eye Start Switch.

Specifications & Options

5 HP Rotary Bottle Buster

10 HP Rotary Bottle Buster

15 HP Rotary Bottle Buster


200 - 1 Gallon / Minute

200 - 1 Gallon / Minute

300 - 1 Gallon / Minute

PET Aluminum Cans

1600 - 16 oz / Minute

1600 - 16 oz / Minute

2400 - 16 oz / Minute

Material Extraction 

3246 lbs / Hour

3246 lbs / Hour

4869 lbs / Hour


240v - 480v / 3 Phase

240v - 480v / 3 Phase

240v - 480v / 3 Phase

Drum Width





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