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Shutterfly is a well-known online retailer for personalized photographs, gifts, and more. Based out of California, the personalized card company provides service for about 57% of the market, according to InfoTrends. With the majority of their business surrounding the holidays, January is the best time to reflect. Having 3 of our ST1046 models for just over a year, we’re proud to have had the privilege to serve one of their three U.S. facilities; in Minnesota. A Distribution Center Compactor from Sani-Tech was the clear choice for the company who goes through paper more than any ram-style compactor could handle. The design of our compactors allows for more refuse and takes less time to deal with because it’s a smooth-running operation. This install included a transition piece for the Auger Compactor to fit under an existing air system. Our dealer at American Services oversaw the project where our machines are running daily for the $60 million facility.

About Sani-Tech Auger Compactors

“Auger compactors pre-crush and compact in one powerful motion.  While processing material, the auger runs in a highly efficient continuously forward direction, crushing and reducing the size of virtually everything that is fed.  This enables the auger compactor to process waste up to five times faster and a have a higher compaction rate of up to 2-3 times as much as any other type of waste compactor. 

The Green Friendly auger style compactor contains no hydraulic oil, thus eliminating highly toxic oil spills.  It has many advantages over the hydraulic compactors, including better compaction, all electric drive, faster, more sanitary, efficient operation, less maintenance, increased safety and reduced hauling costs.  Together these advantages pay off in the end of a lower total investment for the customer. “

-Matt Dvorsak
DMH Companies & American Services Corp.

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