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Cub Foods

Project Overview

We completed an install at Cub Foods.This chain of grocery stores has been around since 1968 and they pride themselves on providing the best grocery value to their customers. Grocery stores can benefit greatly from adding an auger compactor to their business.We have done many installations at a few big named grocers like Lunds & Bylery, Bix Produce Co. Aldi's Market, and Safeway.They have seen the difference a little waste management can provide!

Cub foods wanted a ST1046/36 with a Dock Door Enclosure to unload and load their waste without hassle.The ST1046/36 Auger Compactor has a high-density bin that handles a steady stream of trash, waste, and recyclables.This style of compactor is designed to dramatically increase net payloads while reducing labor expenses, mess and floor space. 

This is not the first installation we have done for Cub Foods, but we felt it was one of our best!  For more information on our grocery installs, please check out our site here.

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