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True Value

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We recently did a new install at True Value!

True Value has had over seven decades working with independent hardware retailers and is a well known and loved brand.

True Value has been relying on two hydraulic compactors to fulfill their waste management needs and they felt it was time for an upgrade for a few different reasons. Hydraulic compactors are not electric which means hydraulic oil can leak, causing contamination and harming the environment. Hydraulic compactors have safety issues due to materials jamming, which requires an employee to climb inside the charge box which can be very dangerous. This style of compactor also requires a lot of maintenance.

True Value decided to upgrade one of their hydraulic compactors to a Sanitech Systems Auger Compactor so that they could have a more efficient method of processing and discarding their waste.We went in to take out the old and go in with the new! We replaced one of the hydraulic compactors with a green 15 HP auger compactor. We can't wait for them to start reaping the benefits of this upgrade!

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