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Since 2010 Sani-Tech Systems has supplied 13 Ikea locations with Auger Compactors to combat their waste and recycle needs. We’ve had multiple dealers working with the company on a store-by-store basis and are excited to continue our growth with the furniture warehouses. Ikea is the largest furniture retailer in the world and has been for almost a decade. Sani-Tech Distribution Center Compactors meet all their needs! With Swedish roots, the company is known for modern, easy-to-assemble, eco-friendly furniture and appliances. With over 390 stores across 48 countries, this business is one designed to continually grow and Sani-Tech is ready to supply an increasing number of environmentally friendly products to better their refuse and recycle programs. With so many locations, Sani-Tech partnered with multiple dealers to expand our reach, please see their websites and coverage areas below.

Environmental Practices

According to Ikea’s sustainability report from 2012, the company has more programs offering health to children and life to nature than we can count on our hands! The practices put forward by this multi-billion dollar company is really what Sani-Tech Systems can stand behind! “In the past year we produced renewable energy equivalent to 34% of our total energy use and at the end of FY12, we had 250,000 solar panels on our buildings and 83 wind turbines in operation. It’s also important that we have a long-term sustainable supply of wood and cotton, two of our most important raw materials. To increase the amount of wood and cotton available that meets our preferred sources requirements, which include Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood or cotton that is produced in line with the Better Cotton Initiative, we go right back to the source and support projects to train farmers and improve forest management. All our wood is sourced from suppliers that meet our forestry standards and in FY12, 22.6% of our wood was from forests certified by the FSC. More than a third of our cotton came from preferred sources.” - Steve Howard, Chief Sustainability Officer- IKEA Group and member of the Executive Management team (2012 IKEA Sustainability Report). 

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