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Project Overview

Does anyone have more recycle than this primarily based paper company? Maybe, but what we know for certain is that our Auger Compactor, a Model ST2054/40T, has worked well at this Philadelphia location, installed by our dealer B.E. Equipment. The mail company is widely known for it’s letter service, providing all Americans with deliveries across the US. The Postal Service has history dating back to 1775! We were surprised to learn that Benjamin Franklin was actually the first to appoint a Postmaster and The Post Office Department was formed shortly after. Dealing largely with recyclables, the mail company is able to keep waste low, and opt for higher environmentally friendly practices.

The Benefits

Our Distribution Center Compactor at this facility is just one example of how companies can work together with Sani-Tech to create an Ecofriendly place to work. Since the Auger Compactor from Sani-Tech requires no hydraulic oil, unlike hydraulic compactors, there is no possibility of a spill, keeping their waste solutions at a higher environmental standard and safe for all employees. Pictured below is the Sani-Tech Auger Compactor with a 40 cubic yard roll off compaction bin attached, which has been running the show since 1997! Our Auger Compactors are made to last, as is the Postal Service.

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