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Auger Compactors

Sanitech Auger Compactors Pre-Crush and Compact in one powerful motion. While processing material, the Auger runs in a continuously forward direction, crushing and reducing the size of virtually everything they are fed. This enables the Auger Compactor to process waste up to five times faster and with higher compaction ratios than any other type of waste compactor on the market today.

Stationary Auger Compactors

Sanitech Stationary Trash Compaction Systems use detachable compaction bins to store compacted refuse prior to hauling. The revolutionary design of our Stationary Auger Compactors provide superior containment for both wet and dry trash. While the Compactor and Receiver Bin are attached, they are 100% sealed, and upon separation, there is minimized spillage due to the relatively small round opening.

5 Horse Power ST524    
10 Horse Power ST1024 ST1040/30 ST1046/36
15 Horse Power ST1540/30 & ST1540/30IN ST1546/36 & ST1546/36IN ST1554/36 &ST1554/36IN
20 Horse Power ST2054/40    
30 Horse Power ST3054/40    
40 Horse Power ST4060/40    


Self-Contained Auger Compactors

Sanitech Self-Contained Trash Compaction Systems consist of an Auger Compactor and a Receiver Bin that have been permanently welded together to form a unit that is always 100% sealed and liquid tight. The permanent seal makes the self-contained compactors ideal for applications that require NO spillage.

5 Horse Power SC524
10 Horse Power SC1030 SC1040/30 SC1046/36
15 Horse Power   SC1540/30  


Compactor Options

Sanitech offers a wide variety of options to provide for easy loading of trash, to reduce labor and to accommodate space restrictions. We also specialize in custom options and modifications that can provide a solution to fit virtually any application. 

Hoppers and Chutes

Compactor Loading has never been easier! With 15 different standard Hopper and Chutes to choose from and custom engineering only a phone call away, we can fit virtually any application. All Sanitech Hoppers and Chutes are configured and designed for your specific application.
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Cart Dumpers

Sanitech offers a wide selection of cart dumpers and options to handle portable load collections systems. Cart Dumpers can be made to dump almost any type of trash cart, including front-load bins, buckets, barrels, tilt dumpers, box trucks, rolling containers, etc.
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Compaction Bins

Sanitech manufactures a wide variety of compaction bins with many options to accommodate moderate to high volumes of wet or dry trash. Front-Load receiver bins are available in 1 to 6 cubic yard capacities. Roll-Off receiver bins are available in 10 to 47 cubic yard capacities. Options including Liquid Tight seals, fire hose ports, polyurethane coatings and liquid drain systems are just a few of the many ways our bins are made to fit your specific needs.
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