Auger Style Refuse and Recycling Compactors.

SANI-TECH Augers Pre-Crush


ST524 Auger Compactor

SANI-TECH auger compactors pre-crush and compact in one powerful motion. While processing material, the auger continuously runs in a forward direction, crushing and reducing the size of what it is fed. This enables it to compact up to five times faster than conventional hydraulic compactors.

The Model ST524 was designed to handle the waste and recyclables generated by:

  • Banks
  • Cinemas
  • Multi-Family Dwellings
  • Office Buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Stores
  • Schools
  • Shopping Malls

Standard Features Include:
Replaceable Cast Auger End Wear Plate, Adjustable Running Time, Bin Near Full Indicator, "Almond" Machinery Enamel Finish, Liquid Tight Auger Chamber, Adjustable Compaction Density, Safety Interlock System, Key-Lock Start/Reverse Switch, Mushroom Stop Switch.

Optional Features Include:
Cart Dumping Systems, Exhaust Fans, Bin Gone Sensors, Odor & Insect Controls, Photo-Eye Start, Custom Paint Colors, Fire Suppression Systems.

Product Video Clip(s):
Click Here to see the Model ST524 in ACTION!

Model ST524 Specifications

Hopper Capacity 1.8 Cubic Yards
Auger Diameter Straight 24"
Auger RPM 8.5
Motor 5 HP
Displacement Rate 100 Cubic Yards / Hour
Electrical 240V / 480V - 3 Phase
Amperage 20A / 10A
Drive Electro-Mechanical
Control Panel UL Listed 110 Volt
Weight 1800 Lbs.
Auger Torque 70,000 In. Lbs.


Model ST524 Dimensions

Model / Bin Size Overall Length Bin Length Bin Weight
ST524 - 3 9' - 9" 64" 1360 lbs.
ST524 - 4 10' - 9" 76" 1420 lbs.
ST524 - 5 10' - 9" 76" 1480 lbs.
ST524 - 6 10' - 9" 76" 1550 lbs.

* Request prior confirmation with refuse hauler regarding length of this unit.


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