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Standard Features of Sani-Tech Auger Compactors

All Electric Drive

Sani-Tech's Auger Compactor is all electric, eliminating hydraulic oils, contamination, environmental concerns, filters, reservoirs, line breaks, leaks and maintenance. It is powerful, quiet and will run with the same high efficiency regardless of the ambient temperature. The all electric drive system is sealed and maintenance free.

High Performance Roller Bearings

Sani-Tech’s Auger Compactor features high performance roller bearings that feature an automatic lubrication system. The only machine maintenance needed is the periodic filling of this grease reservoir. The quality of the components and the simple mechanical design ensure the long life and dependable service of all of our auger compactors.

Heavy Duty Construction

The auger is made of abrasion resistant alloy steel and features a high wear auger end plate. Sani-Tech auger compactors are constructed of high grade steel and are engineered to handle the toughest loads.

Operator Control Panel

UL Listed Control Panels with ¾ inch full lights, adjustable run (cycle) timers, keyed forward and reverse controls and mushroom button E-Stop. Sani-Tech auger compactors feature these industrial grade operator controls for ease and safety. The Start/Reverse Swich is key locked to provide added safety and security.

Small Auger Hole

The relatively small auger hole in the receiver bin is 100% sealed and liquid tight when the compactor and bin are together. This hole is small compared to the large rectangular opening needed for a hydraulic ram compactor.

Safety Interlock Switch

All of the doors and gates that Sani-Tech make come with a safety interlock switch to ensure safe operation. The door or gate must be closed prior to the machine being able to run (cycle).

Adjustable Run Time (Cycle Time)

Auger Compactors run in a continuous forward motion which means you don’t have to wait for a ram to cycle forward and back before adding more material. The time that the auger will run is adjustable to accommodate all types of waste and garbage processing. All the operator has to do is throw the material into the hopper, turn it on and walk away.

Bin Full Indicator

Sani-Tech Auger Compactors are equipped with an Indicator that will light up when the bin is full. This is an adjustable setting so that you can customize the trash compaction density for your unique waste application.

Enamel Finish

A machinery enamel finish of all components provides protection and long life of the compactor. Standard color is Sani-Tech Almond, but other common or custom colors are also available.

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