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Custom Bins

Custom Bins

Our Roll-Off and Front Load Compactions Bins are designed for long life and ease of use. In addition to our standard lineup we can build custom bins to fit any need.

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  • Heavy Duty Octagon Construction
  • Canvas Hole Cover
  • Two 8 5/8" Ground Rollers
  • Two Steel Legs at Front
  • Triple Door Latch System
  • Customer Specified Understructure
  • 100% Liquid Tight Door
  • High Slip Interior Coating
  • Lexan Inspection Windows
  • Fire Hose Ports
  • 4 Wheels-No Legs
  • Custom Understructure
  • Island Guides And Stops
  • Channel Guides
  • Bin Heat Systems
  • Hinged Metal Auger Hole Cover with Seal
  • Custom Paint Colors
  • Painted Bin Interiors
  • NEW-Bin Hole Diaphragm

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