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Optional Features of Sani-Tech Auger Compactors

Bin Gone Sensor

This sensor keeps the compactor from operating without a compaction bin attached. The bin gone sensor is most often used in applications like a thru-the-wall chute where the operator may not be able to see the bin.

Liquid Drain System

Sani-Tech offers different options to drain liquid from the trash using channels in the bin and valves. Removing excess liquid from the garbage can greatly reduce the weight (tonnage) of the trash that is hauled away and save money in disposal fees.

Fire Suppression Systems

Fire Hose Ports are built into the Roll-away compactor receiver bins to provide access to extinguish a fire in case a fire was to break out. Fires in the compactor or compaction bin are rare, but this safety feature is an essential option for that unlikely situation.

Odor Control

An Ozone generating machine can be used to effectively treat the smell produced by the garbage. Sani-Tech can control odor by using ozone or treating the garbage with Deodorizer as it is processed through the auger chamber.

Insect Control

Insecticide can be used to treat the garbage automatically as it is being processed through the auger chamber effectively preventing insect infestation.

Cart Dumpers

Cart Dumpers can be made to pickup and dump virtually any size of trash cart. Trash or Garbage carts can be located in various locations in a facility and brought to the compactor to dump and compact in a central consolidated location. Candy Cane Dumpers that raise the cart and dump are also available.

Photo Eye Automatic Start

This feature is essential in applications where a conveyor feeds waste into the hopper. Using a sensor to sense material in the auger chamber and run the auger compactor can provide ease and convenience.

Custom Hopper (Hood) Designs

Sani-Tech’s talented staff can design and engineer custom hoppers to fit virtually any application requirements that you have. We can accommodate your specific needs for feeding waste material into the compactor. Our flexibility in design and manufacturing allows us to meet your needs.

Custom Options

We manufacture each machine to order and specialize in customization. If your refuse processing and handling application is unique, we can provide custom out-of-the-box solutions to address your unique issue. 

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