Sanitech Crushes It!

Eco Friendly

Smaller Footprint

Sani-Tech Systems is dedicated to minimizing the carbon footprint. Our Auger Compactors patented design takes away from the need to use hydraulic oil which conventional ram style compactors still use.  No hydraulic fluid means no EPA concerns as well as minimal spillage which equals less mess on the ground. Our machines operate very efficiently with minimal power transmission loss through the electric drive system.

Less Mess

We're proud to be able to provide hospitals with a completely enclosed system when we install our unique Stationary Auger Compactors with a 100% sealed bin attachment.  Access to compacted materials is denied because the auger penetrates nine (9) inches into the receiver bin, creating a barricade. Upon bin separation, spillage is minimized by virtue of the relatively small, round opening in the receiver bin.  This compares very favorably to the mess that is left behind by the larger, rectangular openings found on hydraulic compactors.

Fewer Pickups, Less Gas

We support less fuel emissions from waste haulers. The Sani-Tech Auger Compactors pre-crushing ability results in some of the highest compaction ratios in the industry. The auger delivers the trash through a small nozzle breaking the material into smaller pieces prior to being compacted into the bin, resulting in much higher compaction ratios.  This translates into fewer hauls and overall savings.  On average, they outperform conventional hydraulic compactors by 3 to 4 times.

Automatic Lubrication, Easy Maintenance

The simple mechanical design of our Auger Compactors combine heavy-duty construction with very few moving parts.  This makes them very reliable and trouble free machines.  Sani-Tech Compactors are equipped with an automatic lubrication system and the only maintenance needed is the periodic filling of this grease reservoir that lubricates the auger bearings.  The all-electric drive system is sealed and maintenance free.

Clean, Safe, and Efficient Operation

Auger Compactors use an all-electric drive system, which runs clean, quiet, and eliminates many problems associated with hydraulic systems.  Because NO Hydraulics are used, the Machine Operator, the Public, and the Environment are protected from hazardous leaks and spills which can result in fines. The all-electric drive systems are permanently sealed to allow the compactor to run at its peak efficiency regardless of ambient temperature.

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