Auger Style Refuse and Recycling Compactors.

Magnum Logistics

The Project

Magnum Logistics approached American Services early in 2014 seeking a solution for their Heavy Wood Waste produced from one of their warehousing facilities in Fargo, ND. Working together with American Services we were able to provide Magnum Logistics with an auger compactor solution that would best fit their needs.

Custom Built for your Application

This application required a custom through the wall enclosure to accommodate the largest size of pallets that they would need to process.  A large through the wall enclosure was suggested with a shelf for feeding with a forklift directly into the Sani-Tech Systems ST2054/40 Auger Compactor which was located outside the wall.

To ease in the operation of the fork lift drivers feeding the Sani-Tech Auger Compactor, the system was designed with a Photo Eye start system enabling hands off operation of the system. When the Pallet Waste is fed into the chute, the Photo Eye Start will automatically start the ST2054/40 run cycle to process the waste. There is also a remotely mounted control panel inside next to the enclosure opening for manual operation.

ST2054 40 Auger Compactor

Sani-Tech Systems ST2054/40 Auger Compactor installed by American Services in New Hope, Minnesota.

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