Auger Style Refuse and Recycling Compactors.

Altec Inc

The Project

Altec Inc. factories are currently using two of our biggest Auger Compactors, Models ST4064/40. One went to Altec Industries in Creedmore, North Carolina this past January and the other St. Joseph, Missouri last summer. The giant company manufactures products for electric utility, telecommunications, tree care, lights and signs, and contractor markets. We’re proud to showcase not only our work for this company, but the values, employees, and practices of Altec too! We can stand behind their environmental sustainability program, Green Fleet. With Green Fleet, Altec supplies their customers with more efficient ways to lower their environmental impact. Read more on that program here:

With customer coverage spreading over 100 countries for Altec, we knew they would have a great deal of recycle and with the Sani-Tech Distribution Center Compactors, the company can expand it’s environmental practices with our EcoFriendly machines. The Model ST4064/40 was designed to handle the largest volumes of waste and recycle, making it ideal for these two factories. While processing material, the auger continuously runs in a forward direction, crushing and reducing the size of what it is fed. This enables compaction throughput up to five times faster than similar ram style hydraulic compactors.


With the latest Auger Compactor for this company, we were asked to create a custom hood, pictured below. This design allowed the factory to fit the hood perfectly with a larger size and gave the option for utilizing the Auger from outside with it’s exterior loading door. This Industrial Compactor also includes the pictured vinyl curtain siding to seal out water. 

 Altec Auger Compactor1 TNAltec Auger Compactor2 TN